We are specializing in full or part restorations and rebuilds of all classic VW Beetles, T1/T2 (Bus, Panel, Pickup, Westfalia etc), Karman Ghia and some other. They are available mostly as LHD, imported fully registered on UK plates, MOT for year and road tax for half a year.

Depending on the state of the initial car a full or part restoration is performed. All cars are completely stripped, ditched into a acid bath if necessary, sandblasted inside out, complete rust removal, panels and other parts depending on there state are welded or replaced, bare metal primed then epoxy primed and finally 2K sprayed using only VW original color codes.

Next the floor is laid out usually of quality laminate, but it could be embossed aluminum/steel sheet or floor vinyl. Then the interior is installed. We have three of our own designs which are chosen depending of the type of car. Seats, Rock and Roll beds on all T1/T2 cars, headlining, sidelining are upholstered with quality eco-leather and color matched to the rest of the car. 

The engine, gearbox, suspension, steering and other mechanical parts are checked for wear and defects and according to findings a rebuild or freshening with new parts is undertaken. We do on some vehicles (Voltran) LPG conversion as well, which gives you a very economic classic car.

Please note on the Gallery page for cars which could be customized with your own likings! In terms of colour, up to two colours on a car, colour and type of the upholstery, type of the floor and what interior design you would like. We like to keep the Westfalias in its original form as much as possible, but if you like to customize it, then it's OK with us too. The engine is a rebuild factory stock engine usually a 1600, but it could be upgraded as well.

For more informations please call us on  +44 (0) 7815138983  or +44 (0) 7771735078